A long trail of wickedness, a history of lies, there was no other way to describe her….

Nuns. From the erotic to the psychotic, they occupy a special place in the horror genre.

FragmentsOfFear.com Veronica Jauregui

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Veronica Jauregui’s Nasty Little Nightmare, centres around a deluded sister of the cloth who believes that she carries out the work of a Higher Power. Just which Higher Power remains to be seen…

“I grew up surrounded by nuns,” explains Jauregui. “Sweet, good natured nuns. I never had a negative experience with any of them and yet… there was always something there, something secret.” Our Fragments‘ nun has something of the night about her as her obsession with her task unfolds. The horror of the story comes from that dark place of obsessive concentration, and of non-deviation from a chosen path.

“I am frightened by that which we believe cannot hurt us,” explains Jauregui. “I read an excerpt of The Exorcist at a very young age and was both fascinated and terrified. I could not tell my mother about this because I was not supposed to read (her magazines) in the first place so I suffered in silence!”

And it’s this something there, something secret aspect which sparks her writing process.

“My stories are sparked into life by a sudden image, a sound, a second-hand comment that turns into something more…” she says. “My writing process is simple – the story comes out in crude word amalgams, and it changes into its final form after being edited.”

Her grandmother collected both horror novels and science fiction magazines. “She loved telling stories, and I loved to listen.”


“If I’m able to scare you with one of my images, I’m a happy woman!” she says. “Fear keeps us awake, alert. We are our fears.”

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