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Fragments of Fear presents episode 10, At Last the Night is Upon Me, of our first series over on our dedicated YouTube channel.

FragmentsOfFear.com At Last the Night is Upon Me Trailer S01 E10 31st December 2016

Author Rick Nightmare gives usa nasty little tale of a long-dormant vampire about to be unleashed on the world that condemned her.

They nailed an incantation to the inside of the lid to purge my conscience but the thirst was a necessity not a choice given to me. I don’t answer to God, just a virus. A dirty virus passed through a bite whilst doing ‘his work’ in the poor districts by the port.


If revenge is a dish best served cold, then hundreds of years spent locked in a cryot will sharpen any vampire’s appetite for vengeance!

At Last the Night is Upon Me narrated by Dani Thompson premieres December 31st!

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