The full moon casts an eerie glow over your childhood frame huddled on the stairs. Your breath comes in short, shallow bursts as you try not to catch your parents’ attention. The clock struck midnight a while ago and you should be in bed. Instead, you hang back in the dark and watch, enthralled, as another great horror double bill plays out on the TV screen below.

Remember those days? Want them back again? Now you can!

From a dark and foreboding subterranean vault Fragments of Fear: Jackanory meets Tales from the Crypt

Fragments of Fear arrived in a small pub down a side street in Brighton one cold winter’s night. Fuelled by our love for great stories, and the horror films of our youth, we wanted to bring those terrifying tales back with a modern twist.

The Concept

From a dark and foreboding subterranean vault, a series of otherworldly narrators lead the viewer through tales of terror, horror, and suspense, offering a dark and disturbing take on Jackanory meets Tales from the Crypt.

We know incredible writers and amazing actors, both legendary and rising. We wanted to bring them both together on the screen, and employ established and breakthrough directors, editors, and production crew to tell these twisted and contemporary stories to chill and thrill you.

Fragments of Fear is 13 episodes that feature brand new horror stories.

Tweet: A dark and disturbing take on Jackanory meets Tales from the Crypt.

Who We Are

FragmentsOfFear.com Executive Producer Georgina RagazzaGEORGINA RAGAZZA is the Producer and co-creator of Fragments of Fear and the Artistic Director of Rainbow Carnage, a rock and roll theatre company based in Brighton.

She is also an entrepreneur, producer, writer, DJ, performer, and an accomplished makeup artist inspired by a fascination with the dark and macabre. Beginning her makeup career in the fashion industry, an abiding love of the horror genre saw her quickly transition to theatre, television and film, with an emphasis on special effects and prosthetics.

Her makeup credits include the film Meat Market, theatrical productions Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Old Times and Far Away, and she serves as principal makeup designer for Fragments of Fear.

Also an accomplished artist, working in a variety of mixed media, her artwork has been exhibited internationally. She narrates several stories on the show.

FragmentsOfFear.com Producer Richard GladmanRICHARD GLADMAN (2/6/1967 – 6/2/2016) was the co-creator of Fragments of Fear and the CEO of Cyberschizoid Multimedia.

He was a key authority in the world of horror journalism, broadcasting and events. As the UK correspondent for Rue Morgue he contributed to the world’s biggest selling horror magazine and as a columnist for Haunted After Dark his work reached an audience of over 60,000 subscribers per issue.

In his capacity as founder of the Classic Horror Campaign Richard produced, promoted and hosted highly successful film events in Brighton and London and was a regular guest at UK and International horror and fantasy conventions as both exhibitor and judging panel member.

In addition to the above Richard published genre magazines like Space Monsters, Monster Mag, and the Official Caroline Munro Poster Mag, and appeared on radio and BBC TV as a horror expert. He also narrated several episodes of Fragments of Fear.


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Fragments of Fear

Find Out More

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