Anthony caught the film making bug during his teens.

Inspired by his love of oddities like The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Bad Taste, and Fulci and Argento flicks, he liberated his dad’s VHS camcorder, and with a small group of friends, created his own garde Z films.

10648636_10154623708855562_1209426972407485441_oHis love of horror dragged him through university, and (eventually) into his present film teaching job where he corrupts young and impressionable minds on a daily basis. He’s made many short and sometimes gore laden films along with music videos, and is proud to be a part of the Fragments family, something he says has restored his faith in human kind.

He loves the grungy, the daft, and the left field, and his love of horror pulled him into the murky and unique world of Asian cinema (Japanese in particular), where he spends most of his off duty film time.

He also enjoys writing and currently contributes reviews and articles to the Asian cinema focussed Eastern Kicks website. He is a proud Space Monsters magazine contributor, and is a script writer for the soon to be produced feature, Girl Force.

He name drops Herschel Gordon Lewis and Shinya Tsukamoto as inspirations, for their independent punk spirit and eff you approach to film making.