Dani is currently making a real impact on the UK horror scene with appearances in numerous independent films as well as a guest starring role on new television series Fragments of Fear.

She started her career as a model but decided to put herself through drama school to learn her craft and get more involved in the film industry.

Since graduating in 2010, Dani has built up an impressive list of credits mainly in the horror genre. Films include Zombie Women of Satan 2, Convention of the Dead, Axe to Grind, Serial Kaller, Christmas Slay, Cute Little Buggers and Rockband Vs Vampires.

2014 is turning out to be a particularly busy year for Dani. As well as shooting episodes of Fragments of Fear, Dani has been busy writing, producing and starring in Bad Moon Rising, has been signed up as a special guest at the Wyntercon sci-fi, horror and fantasy event and is due to start filming superhero movie Powergirls soon.

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