Emma Dark
Emma Dark (AKA Dark Morte) is a writer, director, and actress, specialising in all things macabre. She started modelling in 2008 and quickly made a name for herself modelling for highly respected independent boutique designers and creative photographers on the Goth and alternative scene in London and beyond.

In 2010 she modelled for the incredibly popular Popsoda clothing company, and in 2011 went on to be published in Natasha Scharf’s book Worldwide Gothic: A Chronicle of a Tribe. In 2012 she featured as Miss April and July in Jason Juta’s annual fantasy calendar and won World Goth Day’s Best Model, which was covered by Cosmopolitan and various other media machines.

In Autumn 2012 she joined dark synthpop band X-KiN as their lead female vocalist and also began to take on screen work in the form of music videos, which led to her career expanding into developing her own creative products on-screen.

2014 also saw her moving forward in her film career, taking part as an official judge at the prestigious British Horror Film Festival and embarking on her first, self-produced, horror short Seize the Night (2015).

Additionally, Emma featured as an official signing guest at KnightCon 2014 and DigiCon 2015.

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