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Showcasing the best in contemporary horror from new and established writing talent. From a dark and foreboding subterranean vault, a series of otherworldly narrators lead the viewers through tales of terror, horror, and suspense, offering a dark and disturbing take on Jackanory meets Tales from the Crypt.

The show harks back to the days of late-night horror double bills and taps into the delicious thrill of ghost stories. Fragments of Fear carries on the tradition of shows such as Beast and Tales of the Unexpected, but with an updated twist.

There is a wealth of quality writing talent which we give a modern platform, and which appeals to all ages. We have a strict PG policy, so there is no overt swearing, gratuitous violence, or overtly sexual content.

We also feature iconic horror stars such as Caroline Munro and Judy Matheson alongside up and coming scream queens such as Dani Thompson and Lucy Clements.

Fragments of Fear Logo


13 weekly episodes per series broadcast on our dedicated YouTube channel
10 – 15 minutes’ duration
22:00 GMT

Sample Episode Story lines

Five Thirty Christmas Morning

Written by John Forth
Narrated by Caroline Munro

Through the floor she could still hear Jake stomping about. He was speaking, too, although Beth couldn’t make out the words. At first, she thought they were the usual childish declarations of joy; then she heard the deep rumble of a reply, and the cold of the room crawled beneath the sheets with her

The Demon Fresco

Written by Rick Nightmare
Narrated by Richard Gladman

It was said that those who drew the Frescos had invited the fallen and the damned to gather in the cavern and bathe in the lake with no reflection

Rights’ Issues

Fragments of Fear is an independent production, previously not shown anywhere else. We own the copyright and broadcast rights to the stories featured in the show, which was developed specifically as a stand alone. We broadcast on YouTube.

Unless otherwise stated all images remain the copyright of Fragments of Fear.


Fragments of Fear cast and crew are available for interviews or further enquiries subject to work commitments – call Producer and Co-Creator Georgina Ragazza on 0798 217 4819 for details.

Alternatively, please fill in the form below for further information or interviews, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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